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Ring Rentals are available for current students, and experienced Handlers to practice their skills on their own (Or with up to 2 other current students/experienced Handlers approved by Top Dog)

Ring Rentals are not allowed for individuals to train others. Please contact Top Dog if you would like to train in our Facility.

  • A full set of equipment, along with channel weave poles are available for practice is available.

  • Set up will depend on classes set for that day. 

  • Do not move the equipment! 

  • Contacts will be set at full height- do not attempt to adjust them.

  • Ring rentals are 30 minutes long, you may book back-to-back sessions if you'd like to train longer. 

  • Outside instruction of group class training is not allowed during rental times.

  • Active students receive a discounted rate.

  • Dogs should be actively training in Agility in order to participate in ring rentals-rentals are NOT for testing out the equipment to see if your dog likes agility!

  • Please do not leave your dog in the ring when not actively running!

  • Fees for poop and pee will be enforced and may result in loss of privilege!


Active students-must be currently enrolled in a class at Top Dog.

$35 per 30 min rental/up to 3 students

Regular Pricing-

$40 per 30 min rental/up to 3 people


Monday through Thursday: Ring Rentals will be offered within 1 hour of an existing class or rental

For example: If a class block begins at noon, Ring Rentals will be offered at 11am. If a Ring Rental is already scheduled for 11am then 10am will become available

Saturday & Sunday/ Subject to availability-Please submit the form below

How to Reserve:

  • Our calendar is at the bottom of this page!

  • Rentals are not guaranteed until confirmed and payment is received

  • Ring rentals must be paid in advance!

  • Venmo is the preferred form of payment

  • The Venmo information is:

    • Username: @TopDogTrainingCenter

    • Name: Rene Fitch

    • Phone: 210-709-9141

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