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Top Dog Training Center is owned by Rene Fitch-Keif and her husband, Jerald Keif.

Rene began her dog training journey at age 15 by competing in AKC Obedience with her Irish Setter. This eventually lead to the discovery of how awesome and fun Agility is. She dabbled in AKC Conformation events and even bred several litters of English Cocker Spaniels, but Agility became her passion.


Rene's daughter, Shelby, followed suit as soon as she was able and began training and competing at age 5. It didn't take much time for Agility to become Shelby's passion as well. Throughout the years, the mother/ daughter duo traveled the state and even country, following their passion and competing with their dogs. They have achieved many of their goals and continue striving to achieve more. One goal they always dreamed of achieving is the creation of an indoor facility capable of hosting trials in the San Antonio area.


They have finally made that dream come true with the development of Top Dog Training Center. Rene and Jerald discovered this location on Morales Ranch, owned by Raul and Sandi Morales. The Ranch has been in the Morales family since 1874 in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. Jerald and Rene converted the manufacturing warehouse to an event center in late 2020 and began hosting trials in the Spring of 2021. Shelby started the first training classes and is Chief Course Builder for the events.


Rene and Jerald are very excited about this venture and hope to provide a top of the line facility for everyone to enjoy in the years to come! 

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