Private lessons can cover practically anything you'd like your dog to learn, they're simply one-on-one instruction for you and your dog. 

Whether it's learning how to stop your dog from jumping on people, teaching them to walk nicely on leash or learning how to get your dog to listen reliably, we can help!
Private lessons are available for Agility as well! From foundation skills to learning the obstacles to sequencing & perfecting handling skills, these lessons can cover any agility training skills.
Most dogs can only handle working for a 30 minute session. If you'd like to do a full hour, we recommend splitting the lesson with a friend to ensure your dog doesn't run out of energy or brain power and shut down. Full hour lessons can be split with up to 3 teams.
30 min session- $60
1 hour session-$120
Private Lesson Package: $200
-Includes 4 30 minute sessions, save $40!
For students currently enrolled in a class:
30 min session- $45
1 hour session-$90
Private Lesson Package #1: $140
-Includes 4 30 minute sessions, save $40!
Private Lesson Package #2: $310
-Includes 4 1 hour minute sessions, save $50
Private lessons are scheduled to fit into yours and the trainer's schedule. Lessons are available most weekdays and some weekends. 
If you have any further questions, please contact us.