Intro to Rally:

Age Requirement: 4 months

Pre-requisites: Puppy Kindergarten OR Basic Manners

Duration: 6 weeks, 1 hour class

Cost: $165

Class Description:

This class is an introduction to the sport of AKC Rally Obedience. In Intro to Rally, you will learn the rules and procedures as well as how to accurately read and perform the signs for the Novice level. Dogs should have a solid understanding of the basic obedience behaviors of "heel", "sit", "down", "stand", "stay"  in order to participate in this class. 


This class is a pre-requisite for Advanced Rally


Beginner Rally:

Age Requirement: 6 months

Pre-requisites: Intro to Rally

Duration: 6 weeks, 1 hour class

Cost: $165

Class Description:

This class is a continuation of the Intro to Rally class. In Beginner Rally, you will perfect your performance of the Novice level signs while practicing full courses. Advanced Rally signs will be introduced and incorporated into the practices as well. 

Advanced Rally

Age Requirement: 6 months

Pre-requisites: Beginner Rally

Duration: Drop In Class

Cost: $25 for the first dog, $20 per additional. 

Class Description:

This is a drop in practice session for teams already competing at the Exc/Masters level. 1-2 courses including the signs and commands seen in the Exc/Masters will be set up for practicing.  Dogs should have solid knowledge of obedience (off-lead heel, sit, down, stand, stay, recall) and owners should be familiar with the sport of Rally.